Season 2 of the Family Bible Challenge

The Leadership Institute of the Diocese of Bridgeport is pleased to continue the Family Bible Challenge. During the first season of the Family Bible Challenge, more than 1,400 families participated in the Sunday reflections and the Wednesday quizzes. Why not make this a part of your family tradition as you kick off the summer? We are still giving away Bibles to new participants (in English and Spanish), so be sure to let us know if you would like one when you sign up.

Season Two begins Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019, and runs through July 14, 2019.


Each Sunday, families will receive an email identifying a new passage that they are asked to read together as a family, reflect upon, and discuss. We will provide the passage and the questions. You just have to make the time.


Each Wednesday, families will receive trivia questions that can be answered online.

These questions will be about the week’s passage as well as basic Catholic trivia. New questions appear each week.

What’s the challenge?

The “challenge” is to engage your family with Sacred Scripture. There is no contest. There are no rules. There is, however, the great benefit of falling in love with Jesus through the power of the Good News found in the Bible you will receive.

Will your family accept the Bishop’s challenge?