Young Adults in the 21st Century: A Conversation on Faith, Religion & Culture

September 9, 2021 – September 11, 2021 all-day
Sacred Heart University
Patrick Turner
Young Adults in the 21st Century: A Conversation on Faith, Religion & Culture @ Sacred Heart University

September 9-11, 2021 | Virtual

Young people are the Church. But the Church is facing significant challenges in reaching young adults and discerning and meeting their needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated trends already seen for the last several decades.

The goal of our Young Adults in the 21st Century Conference is to bring a multi-generational, transdisciplinary and prayerful spirit to ask questions about, and with, young adults on a 21st Century journey of faith.

  • How might Catholics better serve and listen to the wisdom of young adults of college age and beyond?
  • How can we empower young adults as leaders in the Church?
  • How do we evangelize and walk with those who are questioning their faith, their Church, existing institutions and the culture about them?

About the Conference

“Your youth is not an ‘in-between time.’ You are the now of God, and he wants you to bear fruit.”
Pope Francis, Christus Vivit, 178

This conference aims to generate and share strategies and best practices for engaging and empowering younger members of the Church today. We hope to leave with new insights and discoveries. We invite practitioners, scholars, activists, curios young adults and those curious about how Catholics might better listen to, and engage young adults.

We need you to be part of the conversation! The conference will offer a variety of keynote addresses and workshops that will start new conversations, share resources and strategies and generate new paradigms. We will explore what is already working, where the signs of hope are and identify the challenges we have as we try to better learn how to talk about young people together.

In a virtual format, we welcome participants from across the country to share their experiences, their ideas and strategies, desires and hopes. Facilitators at each session will help lead conversation and to assist during the question and answer period.

More Information

For more information or questions regarding the conference, contact:

Patrick Turner
Assistant to the Vice President
Office of Mission Integration, Ministry & Multi-Cultural Affairs